get the Led out

There was something incredibly surreal about my spin class tonight. No, the fact that I was taking a spin class is not the surreal part (though it’s close) – the surreal part occured when the shitty dance music was interrupted by Kashmir. Yes, the Zeppelin song. It was then followed by an old Elton John song (from the days when Bernie Taupin was his writing partner and the songs were good). (Do you think that Elton John has always sucked? Listen to Madman Across the Water, the entire album, then render your verdict.) Anyway, the classic rock was a great break from the disco.

After class was over, I was heading for the exit (and if you’ve ever been to the downtown Y, heading for the exit is never an easy task and instead requires trips up and down random stairs, down secret hallways, etc.). As I was about to hit the stairs, right by the landing is a person I know but really don’t want to see lurking around waiting for his class to start. So I head back into the room where the spin class was. Find out the only way out of this particular nook is going to require passing this guy. So, I do my best to not look up, pretend to be looking in my bag for something, and then sprint down the stairs. And then up the stairs. Then, finally, outside. Ahhh. I don’t know if he saw me or not. And I hate being a pussy like that, but I’m actually a fairly nice person and don’t enjoy being mean. Mostly. Even if the person in question is kinda crazy. And this person is. So not being mean in this case would have meant standing there listening to his bullshit, which would have then taken away my workout buzz, which would have then pissed me off and made me bitchy. Why bother?

I don’t know what it is about my life, but if there are ever people I really don’t want to see, pretty much ever again, I can be sure I will continue to run into them. At the grocery store. Weddings out of town. The downtown Y. There are some people who pop up continually in your life that you assume maybe you have unfinished business with, or maybe you need to learn something from them/the situation or whatever new age spin you want to put on it. But crazy fucking psycho stalkers should not be on that list. I mean, really.

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