Wow, as a country, our priorities sure are fucked up. The more news we get out of this tragedy, the more we see how the war on sensibility (and its consumption of our financial resources) is sure going to screw us long term. (not to mention how much it’s screwing up the people who live in the country we’re blowing to pieces)

And we spent how many millions of dollars trying to get the details on Clinton’s blowjobs? And how much news time did the rich girl who disappeared after a drunken night in Aruba take up? And does it really matter what self-absorbed celebrity made a tedious tape of themselves screwing another self-absorbed celebrity?

Why don’t we care that our government is bending us over and slipping us the pickle? Don’t we care when the sex involves us? Guess it’s only interesting when it’s happening on the small screen to other people. Could go back to this country’s Puritanical roots. Whatever it is, keeping our eyes focused on our genitals (or everyone else’s) is sure keeping us stupid. Like sheep. 1984. Double+ good.

Here’s a new motto for the US:
Medicate, Sedate, (Watch Other People) Fornicate.

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