Al Sharpton

I’ll bet Cindy Sheehan was happy when she heard a celebrity was going to join her peace camp in Crawford. And I’ll bet that happiness turned to horror when she found out it was Al Sharpton. On the one hand, she needs the celebrity element to lend her cause credibility in the eyes of all the mouth breathers who think celebrity = godliness. On the other, said celebrity cannot be from the cuckoo list. No Anne Heche. No Tom Cruise. Same goes for the druggie list. No Courtney Love. No Robert Downey, Jr.

I love how the media has labeled Sheehan as being “anti-Bush.” She’s anti-the-war-that-killed-her-son. There’s a big difference. Words have meaning. And the particular choice of words matters. People who don’t dive beneath the surface of what’s being reported can walk away thinking, “Well, she just doesn’t like Bush. This is personal.” Making it seem like a personal attack takes away the whole point. The reason she’s camped out near the site of Bush’s month-long vacation is because he’s the “leader” of this war. He’s the go-to guy. Not because she’s a crazy liberal who wants to legalize sodomy (see previous entry about Ann Coulter’s comments regarding the liberal agenda). Argh.

On a lighter note, a really hot guy smiled and waved at me on the way to work this morning. I was excited about it until I realized he drives a Miata the same make and color as mine. Oh well.

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