freedom fries

maybe I’m just tired (aka Freedom Fries)

I took a class at the Y tonight, and my arms are already so sore it’s hard to type. At least my mouth isn’t sore, so I can still bitch pretty easily. Whew. This class involves lifting weights quickly (to shitty current dance music that’s ripping off shitty 80s music – there was a remix of a Pat Benatar song, and it was perhaps even worse than the original, which is tough to beat). I’m probably going to take this class once or twice a week because I’m into self flagellation.

Dog the Bounty Hunter was on tonight (see any number of previous entries for the deal on that), and rather than being in the usual location of Hawaii, they were in Colorado helping out a fellow bounty hunter. Amazing how violent everything was compared to the shows set in the islands. He picks up a guy in Hawaii, by the time they get to the police department, the guy is crying, has called his mother, has given up crystal meth (excuse me, ice) and is ready to enter rehab and eventually follow his dream of working with children on a pony farm that has lollipop trees and cotton candy lakes.

Not so in Colorado. The people he encountered were violent, virulent, cussing bitches ready to fight at the drop of a hat. Ready to fling insults at a woman. Ready to punch a guy in the nuts. That’s how we handle our differences in this country. What did you say, motherfucker? Bang bang. Happens every day. (yes, I realize Hawaii is part of the US technically – I think emotionally they are in a different place).

Just writing that makes me think of the various crap I read online everyday when people are supposedly involved in discourse about the war, the state of the union, whatever. Whenever someone points out that maybe America is a bit off track, some yahoo comes back with “America is the greatest fucking country in the world, asshole, and if you don’t like it, your homosexual ass can find another place to live. How about France? Eat shit and die.” (Or something to that effect. I have a hard time writing dumbass.)

Anyway, jerks like that are just making the original point even stronger – we’ve lost the ability to communicate and can only hurl invectives at each other. Boring. Perhaps we should just dump Prozac™ into the water and keep staring at our navels. Ssshhhhhh. Just keep staring into your navel. And eat this cheeseburger. Sssshhhhhh. Oh, and I need $100 to put gas in your small Japanese car. Ssshhhhh. George Bush wants to eat all firstborn babies. If you don’t let him, the terrorists win. Ssshhhhh.

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