biohazard disposal fee

Stella is a big girl now and therefore must be spayed. Though it pains me to put her under the knife, I have to do it. So I started calling around to various vet clinics to get estimates on cost. The first place I called said $300. I figured they were just charging that much because so many childless gay couples take their pets there, so I tried a different location. Same deal. The second location actually gave me a printed invoice that shows they charge for things like “circulating nurse” and “biohazard disposal.” Since Stella only weighs about six pounds, her two little ovaries can’t be more than dime-sized, if that. Shit, they could even flush them.

I’ve changed course. I’m going to take her out to the country to the vet my parents use. It’ll require that I take a day off, but it will be about half-cost and with a vet I know to be trustworthy. It’s a shame that Houston only seems to offer super low-cost spaying or super yuppie-cost spaying. There should be something in the middle for those of us who are in the middle.

UPDATE – my dad hooked me up with a vet he’s building a house for – she’s almost as expensive as the other places, but I know she’ll take good care of my pooch – so, Stella’s ovaries will be in good hands…and then in the trash

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