rewriting history

The people who write down history can pretty much create their own version of it. What’s that quote – the winners write the history books – something like that.

There’s an article in last week’s paper about a local band I used to go see a lot. One guy who used to play in the band (and who I happen to live with) left because there was a worrisome shift in attitude going on – the leader of the group, a man who purports to have unwavering aesthetics (musically) began making the band play songs like YMCA and suggested they learn Brick House. He was prepping them for the lucrative, if creatively barren, wasteland that is being a wedding band.

There were some internal arguments, none of which need to be gone into here, about why it was a bad idea for a band that concentrated on a specific, golden era in rock music to begin playing shitty disco (is that redundant?). Okay, so I’m reading the article and everything is going fine – it’s full of the band leader’s pompous ruminations about music that make him such an interesting conversationalist. Then he gets to the part where he says, and I quote, “We kept reaching a point where other members of the band thought we should do weddings and play Brick House, so we had to part ways.

Um, yeah, the person pimping playing weddings and Brick House was you, jackass. Nice try.

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