jury duty

I’m in the midst of a tour of duty. Jury duty. No one in my family has ever been picked before, so what the hell is the world coming to?

Sitting there looking at a defendant that probably has very little in common with me other than being a biped that breathes the Earth’s air, I wonder what a jury of ones peers actually would look like. If I were on trial, I’d want peers that represented the kinder, gentler parts of my personality. The parts that have no interest in sending someone to prison and can actually forgive and forget (I know you’re in there somewhere). I don’t want the cold-hearted part of my personality that was mean to substitute teachers in junior high and considered dumping guys to be a sport in college.

Wow, I feel so… so white bread. Surely I can come up with better “bad” parts of my personality than that. How sad. I’m going to go hold up a liquor store now so I can get some street cred.

PS – a house the next street over caught on fire today – I had to think about what I would grab if my house were on fire – other than the obvious grabbing of the dogs, I think I wold take my file folder with lots of my writing in it – also, my big box of pictures – pretty much everything else could be replaced – maybe after I rob the liquor store I can buy some nicer shit so I have more to save…

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