evil (?) statue

My friend Lisa is moving to New York tomorrow. I will miss her. We got together for a couple of drinks last night and she gave me a present. Actually, she had it sitting in a chair at the bar when I walked in. It’s a statue of a Native American. He’s sitting cross-legged and holding a peace pipe (which does NOT detach). Not the most well-crafted statue, either. His face is kinda smooshed on one side. I can say this without hurting Lisa’s feelings because she didn’t shell out any dough for it – she found it next to a dumpster. Only the best for her good friend Crystal.

Anyway, one might wonder why/how the statue ended up next to a dumpster. Did someone outgrow it? Did someone with good taste throw it away? Did it cease being a good place to stash pot?

No, evidently it was thrown away because it is evil. I know this because both of the dogs HATE it. Stella started barking at it and hasn’t stopped, even though I moved it to another room. Now she and Dali are staring at it. Occasionally barking or growling, I guess in response to the evil emanations of the statue. Thanks for the great gift, Lisa! If we all end up gutted, look for the statue. His name is Jerry, short for Geronimo.

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