the "news"

I have a pretty regular routine in the morning before work – I turn on the news while reading the news online and checking email and petting the dog. Multi-tasking. This morning, one of the “news” stories was about how Jessica Simp(le)son lost weight getting ready for her role as Daisy Duke. It was the usual story (chicken, fish, broccoli and asparagus) (when it was probably really diet pills, diet Coke, low self-esteem and colonics). While talking about her diet, they showed a clip from one of her videos. I guess she’s a musician too? Don’t know and don’t really care. So, in the video, she is wearing a bikini and washing a car. WTF? What is the dealio with half-naked women washing cars lately? I keep seeing that image everywhere.

I know, I know – men like naked women and they like cars, so when you put the two together – blammo. If that’s the thinking, why don’t we combine some other stuff? Why stop with cars? Men like chili, so maybe there could be a video with a naked lady cooking up some chili or eating a chili dog (then you get the phallic thing in there) while wearing nothing but an apron. Men like playing video games – why not hide some naked women in the game? Oh, wait. Okay, men like to poop. Perhaps a cutie naked from the waist down taking a poo on the loo?

Just some suggestions. I’m a girl, so what do I know? Actually, I wouldn’t mind seeing a guy washing my car. He doesn’t have to be hot; he just needs to do a really good job.

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