Here’s a picture from a recent trip to the mall. My method of transportation is on the left (duh). I wonder what’s wrong with the guy driving the truck? Originally, I’d parked a row over. When I saw this photo op, I moved my car. Life is all about noticing the small stuff (or in this case, the ridiculously oversized stuff).

Saw a Hummer commercial the other night (probably while watching Dog the Bounty Hunter). Talk about false advertising. It depicts a Hummer driving around the frozen tundra. A civilian Hummer can do no such thing, as they are nothing more than Chevy Tahoes with a fancy covering on them, much like a toaster wearing a toaster cozy.

Wonder if you can still buy toaster cozies? I’ll bet that shitty catalog (Lillian Vernon) with all the kitty cat tee shirts in it sells them. Probably has a toaster cozy that features cats on it, actually.

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