Stella’s first birthday / randomness

Today is Stella’s first birthday. In honor of her special day, she got some chicken on top of her dry doggie food. James made her a birthday hat and I took some pix of her wearing it. Well, not really wearing it so much as trying to fling it off her head. She may be a toy breed, but she doesn’t behave like one. She will NOT be put in a purse. She will NOT wear stupid outfits. She will NOT take any shit from big dogs. She’s totally badass. For a 5.5 pound dog.

I feel for the family of that high school girl who went missing in Aruba. I really do. BUT, I have to say that if the person was an overweight girl (or boy) of color who wasn’t from a rich family, we wouldn’t have heard shit about it.

My friend Lisa is a total Astrophile. I, on the other hand, have a passing interest that has grown to almost interest. Last season, I was watching a game and decided Morgan Ensberg was “my” Astro. There was something about the asshole way he kept walking out of the batter’s box to throw off the pitcher that I liked. That, and he has really, really great hair (when it isn’t shaved off).

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