magic? probably not

Magic tricks are one of the best things ever. If I’m at a party and someone is doing magic, that someone has my rapt attention. Assuming the magic is good. Or I’m drunk. Six of one.

There’s a new magician on the scene, and by “the scene,” I’m referring to television. I’m sure there’s some place where magicians hang out in groups, but I don’t live in Vegas, so TV is as close as I get.

In previous entries I’ve mentioned the show Dog the Bounty Hunter. If I have indeed figured out how to post pictures to this freaking blog, you should see a lovely shot of Dog below.

Nevermind. Anyway, so right after Dog is a magic show, Mindfreak, with a jackass named Criss Angel. The thing is – I don’t think he’s doing magic. The way the show is filmed, I could do the “magic” he’s doing. For instance, he’ll climb into a trash can, have people hold the top of the trash can down, there’s some rock music and fast edits, then he appears on top of a building across the street. Shit, give me a crappy video camera and a friend who knows how to edit and I can do the same thing.

I won’t have the metro-homo sexual vibe that Criss (nice spelling) does, though. Plus, I don’t like to wear that much makeup.

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