mixed grill

The 7-minute ride to work this morning was an exercise in tedium and good stuff. For the tedium, turn to Houston’s new talk radio station – 97.5. I’ve tried listening to it a) to support a new endeavor in Houston and b) because I know at least three of the DJs (or whatever they’re called when they’re on the radio but not spinning discs). This morning while driving up the parking garage behind a HUGE F-150 sporting a Calvin praying to a cross and an American flag sticker motif, I listened to some jackass talking about W’s new pick for the open spot on the Supreme Court (with cheese). The jackass was saying that this was a chance for Democrats to silently slit their wrists and for “patriots” to rejoice that this guy won’t let America keep killing its unborn babies (but continue to kill its youth by sending them to Iraq, evidently). “Patriots,” of course, being Republicans. I’m so tired of hearing that shit. It’s not carefully thought out discourse, it’s bullshit. It’s all flash and no substance. It’s sound bites. It’s Fox News channel. It’s Anne Coulter saying on television that “liberals want a liberal supreme court so they can legalize sodomy.” I’m not kidding. She really said that. Yeah, that’s the true liberal agenda. We all want to legalize sodomy. Hit the nail on the head. Or the ass, I guess.

Last night on the same station some other jackass was talking about various celebrity Democrats, only changing the sex of each to the opposite, as in, Sean Penn was “she” and Susan Sarandon was “he.” Wow. That’s some of that there intellegencia I keep hearing so much about. I realize my calling these people jackasses is along the same dumbass lines, but I’m writing in my blog, not talking on the radio in the fourth largest city in the nation. And since this is my blog, I can say that all those patriots out there can kiss my white liberal ass.
The cool thing this morning (and it pales in comparison to the bullshit, but it’s all a girl has) came from a Kanye West song I heard. “I’m not a businessman. I’m a business, man.”


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