lucy is a crackhead / kiss of death

Seems the original “Cooter” (don’t be nasty, I’m talking about the Dukes of Hazzard TV show) ain’t too keen on the new Dukes movie coming out. Here’s a quote:

“Basically, they trashed our show,” said Jones, who now lives in the mountains of Washington, Va. “It’s one thing to do whatever movie they want to do, but to take a classic family show and do that is like taking “I Love Lucy” and making her a crackhead or something.”

Can you imagine Lucille Ball as a crackhead? If she got into some scrapes as straight-as-an-arrow Lucy (except for marrying a brown man – that was pretty open minded for the time), just think of the bullshit she would get into as a crackhead.

Went to the store tonight and saw “Old Yeller” dog food. Um, didn’t Old Yeller have to be put down by his owner? Shot in the head or something? Why in the hell would you want to buy Old Yeller dog food for your pooch? Unless, like the mafia’s kiss of death, it is a symbol of impending doom for Max or Spot or Sam. The dog goes trotting over to his bowl and sees you putting the dog food bag away in the cupboard. He’s pretty sure he sees “eller” just as the bag disappears. He begins to make plans to slip out of the house when on his evening poo. But he’ll kill the cat first.

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