Big Moe

I really liked Big Moe’s song “Barre Baby” that came out a few years ago. Didn’t understand the reference of “Barre,” so I did some internet research. Found out it’s a brand of cough syrup. The song is about nipping on the cough syrup with maybe a little soda mixed in for a nice buzz.
Having taken Nyquil for the past two nights, I see why people might get into drinking it if they were looking for an escape. I feel like I have an invisible layer of marshmallow surrounding both my brain and body. I’m definitely not as mentally sharp as I think I usually am. And I don’t care. Because of the marshmallow.

So if you see me at Kroger loading up on the Nyquil, just walk the other way. Not that I’ll recognize you anyway. Marshmallow.

Published by Crystal Jackson

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