statements / questions

– watched “White Noise” last night – okay, that movie kinda scared me – I think it’s because I can totally see myself sitting in front of a static-y TV screen and witnessing someone from the other side trying to talk to me – yes, I would wet my pants – then again, can you even make your TV go static these days?

– it’s really hot

– I wish W would go down to Florida and go swimming off the coast with a bloody steak tied around his neck

– Simon LeBon didn’t get the words to “Save a Prayer” right at Live 8 – Duran Duran still did a lot better than Def Leppard – songs like “Pour Some Sugar On Me,” which were super sucky when they came out, haven’t aged well – especially when being sung by a sweaty, chubby, 40-something

– if you take a drug for social anxiety and one of the side-effects is diarhhea, wouldn’t you still be anxious? Maybe even more-so?

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