observations on tonight’s walk

– a guy passed me on roller blades twice and was talking on his cellphone BOTH times

– someone let their dog take a big shit on the street next to the driver’s door of a sedan – the person who drives that car will have to be paying attention in the morning

– some wind chimes sound magical and relaxing – if they are hanging outside of a scary looking house, however, they seem to be chiming your impending death

– if you are admiring someone’s dog as you walk by, they erroneously assume you are afraid of the dog and say in a condescending voice, “don’t worry – he won’t bite” – no shit, bitch – dogs like me and so do babies

– perhaps it’s the regular rhythm of walking, but I find myself singing stupid songs on my walks

– tonight’s irritation of choice was Zippadeedodah (no, I don’t know how to spell it, but that’s okay ’cause there’s a bluebird on my shoulder) – that’s what I get for watching Fletch Lives last night

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