my gyno / my apple

My gynecologist will be featured on 48 Hours this weekend. Seems my gyno’s brother-in-law was murdered by her sister (his wife), and she may have helped. This all went down shortly after my last visit to her office. Glad it was after my visit, because the last thing you want is a distracted gyno waving that scrapey thing around. Maybe I’ll bring the trial up next time I see her so I won’t be the only one in the room who is really uncomfortable. Then again, truly the last thing you want is a distracted AND pissed off gyno.

I brought an apple to work today to have as a snack this afternoon. I’m not sure I’m going to eat it now because there is a cocoon of some sort covering the bottom stem area. I’m afraid to find out what is living in there, plus I don’t know how far up the apple the creature has traveled. Bugs really suck. I was so looking forward to my apple. It’s a Golden Delicious or, in this case, a Golden Deathlicious.

UPDATE ON THE APPLE – I cut the bottom off and sliced right through a freaking WORM. That’s disgusting. The worm is dead. I did not eat the apple.

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