lost and found

The show at Diverse Works last night was amazing. So glad I went, even though I’m super lame and hate going out on a Monday night. And I managed to find my way there without too much trouble. Note to self: mapquest sucks. Gave me explicitly incorrect directions. I think I have a handle on where it is now, though. And it’s so close to Last Concert – I will have to stop by there and grab a frozen sangria next time I’m in the hood. The only time I make it to Last Concert (since I’m not a fan of jam bands) is to see Us and Them, the Pink Floyd cover band that is really amazing. If you like that sort of thing, and I do. There’s a large concentration of “hippies” who hang out there. By hippie, I mean people who don’t bathe regularly and act like smoking pot is a mystical experience.

My parents, who probably would have fit the definition of hippie back in the day, say that the term back then was derogatory. It was something meant to be an insult by people who just didn’t get it. And now, the people who like to call themselves hippie or think of themselves as such, they’re the ones who don’t get it. Smoking pot and wearing tee shirts from Urban Outfitters with campy 70s slogans on them does not make you a hippie. If anything, it suggests you fall into one of the many demographics being targeted by various white and uptight marketing firms at this exact moment to figure out what kind of cellphone you’re going to buy or what color Xbox will appeal to your groovy sensibilities. Puff puff pass.

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